The WITCHY Collection

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The WITCHY Collection

Elevate Your Organizational Magic with Our Enchanting Planner Set!

Unleash your inner mystic and align your daily life with the cosmos with our enchanting Planner Set. Designed to empower your everyday journey, this set includes three essential tools, each available individually or as a captivating trio. Choose between two captivating designs: "Witchy" and "Astro" to infuse your planning with cosmic energy or mystical charm.

The Planner Set Includes:

  1. 📔 A5 Lined Notebook: Crafted to capture your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations, this lined notebook is your canvas for creativity and reflection. Whether you're journaling your magical experiences, sketching your visions, or simply jotting down notes, it's the perfect companion for your daily musings.

  2. 📅 A5 Daily Desk Planner: Dive into the daily magic with this comprehensive desk planner. Each page is a canvas for your intentions, tasks, and appointments. Plan your day with precision, track your progress, and manifest your goals step by step. The compact A5 size makes it easy to carry your daily guide wherever your journey takes you.

  3. 🗓️ A4 Monthly Desk Planner: Zoom out to see the bigger picture of your life's journey with the A4 monthly desk planner. Organize your month, set monthly goals, and keep your eye on the cosmic events that shape your path. It's your navigational chart through the mystical tides of time.

Choose Your Design: Witchy or Astro

🌙 Witchy Design: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of witchcraft and mysticism. With captivating imagery and magical symbols, this design invites you to embrace the power of the unseen and the unknown.

 Astro Design: Connect with the celestial rhythms of the universe. This design celebrates the cosmos with its cosmic patterns and astrological elements, guiding you on a journey through the stars.

Available Individually or as a Set:

  • Individual Purchase: Select your favourite planner or notebook to suit your unique needs and style.
  • Complete Set: Elevate your mystical journey with all three items, perfectly coordinated in your chosen design.

Discover the magic of organization, intention, and cosmic alignment with our Planner Set. Whether you're a seasoned witch, an astrology enthusiast, or simply seeking a touch of magic in your daily life, this set will empower you to navigate your path with purpose and inspiration.

Embrace the enchantment of everyday living. Choose your design and elevate your planning with our Planner Set today! 🌟🔮📖✨

A5 Notebook - 84 Lined Pages - 100gsm

A5 Notepad - 78 Pages - 100gsm

A4 Notepad - 78 Pages - 100gsm

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