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The Witches Planner - Digital Download - Printable

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The Witches Planner - Digital Download - Printable

Unlock Your Digital Magical Journey with The Witches Planner Inserts!

Are you ready to infuse your digital world with magic and intention? The Witches Planner Inserts are your key to effortlessly organising and manifesting your mystical goals, perfect for use with popular digital planning apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and many others. Whether you prefer the convenience of digital planning or the charm of a physical copy, these versatile inserts can be used on your tablet, printed at home, or sent to your favourite printing company.

🌙 Daily Moon Phases: Stay aligned with the lunar cycles as you seamlessly integrate daily moon phase updates into your digital or physical magical practice.

📖 Ample Writing Space: Let your thoughts flow freely across digital pages designed for your every need, from daily musings to spell crafting.

🌟 Tarot Reading Trackers: Document your tarot readings, draw inspiration, and watch your spiritual journey unfold in the digital realm.

🌒 Sabbat Planning: Effortlessly plan and celebrate the Wheel of the Year digitally, with dedicated sections for each Sabbat.

💫 Versatile Digital Format: Compatible with popular digital planning apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and many others, these inserts bring magic to your tablet or can be printed for a tangible experience.

Available for Both Hemispheres:

🌐 Hemisphere Choices: Whether you're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, our digital inserts offer specialized content tailored to your location.

Use Them Your Way:

📱 Digital Planning Apps: Seamlessly integrate these digital inserts into your preferred planning app for a modern and convenient magical experience.

🖨️ Print at Home or Print Shop: If you crave the tactile sensation of paper, print these inserts at home or take them to your favourite printing company for a beautifully bound physical planner.

Transform your digital world into an extraordinary journey of magic and manifestation with The Witches Planner Inserts. It's time to embrace the power of digital witchery and create the mystical life you've always dreamed of, with the flexibility to choose your own path – digital or physical. 🌙🔮📖✨


Printing A5 Pages as a Booklet on A4 Paper:

  1. Prepare Your Document: Create or format your content as a booklet, where two A5 pages are on each A4 sheet. Your document should be in landscape orientation.

  2. Page Order: Arrange your pages so that they appear in the correct order when printed as a booklet. For example, the first page should be paired with the last page, the second page with the second-to-last page, and so on.

  3. Print Settings: In your printing software or application, go to the print settings. Look for an option like "Booklet Printing," "Print as Booklet," or "2-Up Printing." This option will format your A5 pages as a booklet.

  4. Choose Paper Size: Select "A4" as the paper size in your print settings since you'll be printing on A4 sheets.

  5. Duplex (Double-Sided) Printing: Make sure to enable double-sided or duplex printing in your print settings. This will print on both sides of the A4 paper.

  6. Print: Click the print button to start the printing process. The software will automatically arrange your A5 pages in a booklet format, printing two A5 pages on each side of an A4 sheet.

Cutting and Hole Punching for A5 6-Ring Binder:

  1. Cutting: After printing, you will have a series of A4 sheets, each containing two A5 pages on one side. Carefully cut along the centre fold to separate the A4 sheets into individual A5 pages. You should now have a stack of A5 pages.

  2. Hole Punching: Measure and mark the hole spacing required for your A5 6-ring binder on one side of each A5 page. Standard A5 6-ring binder hole spacing is usually 19.05 mm (0.75 inches) from the edge of the paper.

  3. Double-Sided Hole Punching: To ensure that the holes align on both sides of the A5 pages, you can use a binder hole punch that can punch through multiple pages at once. Line up your pages and punch holes at the marked locations.

  4. Assemble in Binder: Insert your double-sided A5 pages into your A5 6-ring binder, ensuring they align with the rings. Secure the pages by closing the binder rings.

This process will allow you to create a booklet-style A5 planner that is double-sided and can be easily assembled in your A5 6-ring binder. Make sure to double-check your page order and hole spacing for accuracy.

All available digital downloads are emailed as a PDF automatically.
Downloads are non-refundable.

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